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For years, Pubs throughout the world have been the gathering places for those seeking good fellowship and good beer! Though known by different names in various countries, a Pub was usually started by a small brewery wishing to sell its own products to local patrons. As time passed and the breweries grew in size, they often sold beer and ale to people in a wider area. It soon became apparent that patrons wanted food as well as beverages, so the enterprising Publican, or Pub owner, started providing snaks or complete restaurant facilities. As the market areas for the breweries grew, competing Pubs found that to attract a larger clientele, they must provide better food, and food that was popular in their community. Good food and service soon became important to the public as a specific kind of beer. Hills’ Resaurant & Lounge has taken the lead from these earlier establishments by providing some of the most popular luncheon and dinner menu items from Pubs in various countries and areas of the United States. In addition to well known products from large breweries, we offer, for our enjoyment, some locally produced beers and ales from small microbreweries in the Northwest. CHEERS!